Posted On: 05/8/17 1:00 PM

OK, first off, I have get it off my chest that neither Brett nor I was able to be at the Prelims. My wife is in the hospital and Brett has a new baby. There was nothing that could be done on short notice. I would say, oh, it’s nothing, but as the doctor said, “It’s not nothing.” We just have to decide if we’re going to cure her cancer first or fix her heart. A week ago, it was cancer first. Now, it looks like we might be going in a different direction.

But, there’s more. Neither Brett nor I can be at the AAU Tournament. Did I mention my wife is in the hospital and Brett has a new baby. But, I will say that we have every hope of having a great new correspondent at the AAU Tournament. So, please, bear with us. And I am still going to tell you what happened by way of reading between the lines of the tournament results on the AAU Web site. Of course, you can do that yourself, but why bother when I’m here to help you out?

What Happened—The 2018s

What happened, indeed! OK, #1 seeded North Tartan

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