Posted On: 06/11/17 7:00 AM

As Mother Mature played havoc with the thermostat outside, it was a great day to be in the gym on Saturday. Thank goodness the taxpayers of Wayzata have seen fit to air condition their palatial high school (does anyone else think it looks like a mall?) or it would have been an altogether different day at the Suns Summer Xplosion. After pondering the meteoric rise of E1T1 2020 Premiere, I went off in search of something new. Here’s what I found. 

Southern Minnesota girls make Nice

Kaelah & Jaelyn Simmons, Minnesota Nice 9 and Winona H.S. –Happy Hour arrived early Saturday. No, we didn’t stop for adult beverages before noon, but there was definitely a nice two-for-one special to be had. Their names are Kaelah and Jaelyn Simmons and the twin sisters have just completed their freshman year at Winona High School. Kaelah is the point guard and the more athletic of the two. She’s skilled and fast and plays with tremendous poise. Her first step is excellent, and she used it to blow by more than one defender. Jaelyn plays the other guard spot for Minnesota Nice 9 and is not quite as quick as her sister but, to

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