Posted On: 08/15/17 12:00 PM

Josh Hersch is a fellow who likes to stay busy. As you probably know, he coached 2 teams for the Minnesota Stars this past summer. They were cleverly designated as Stars 11th Hersch and Stars 8th Hersch. Both finished #2 in our (Northstar Girls Hoops) team rankings and both had some signature wins.

The 11s lost to North Tartan 3 times, to Hersch’s great regret. “Obviously, the theme is one more time,” Hersch said, “if we could play them one more, and I said, ‘Guys, we got ‘em 3 times and it just did’t happen.’ But if you look at the season, that’s the only thing we didn’t do.”

“Summer Jam was another (loss to North Tartan),” Hersch continued. “But, we did something North Tartan couldn’t do, we beat All Iowa Attack Nike (71-60), and they’re 0-3 against AIA this year.”

Then in July Hersch’s Stars knocked off highly regarded Texas Elite, a team that had lost one other game all year long. “Texas Elite had 6 high D1 kids—2 Oklahoma guards, Arkansas, an Arizona post player,” Hersch said. “They were every bit as good as any team we played all year.” That win capped off a 21-2 June and

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