League Preview

Posted On: 10/30/17 4:45 AM

Most coaches, especially those at smaller programs that tend to fly under the radar, don't get to pick and choose the players for their high school team. They pretty much have to take whoever shows up for tryouts and make the best of it. But every so often, in walks a very pleasant surprise. This year's winner in the category of "It's Too Good to Be True" is Matt Pryor of AA Concordia Academy in Roseville. Pryor hasn't even had his first practice as a new head coach yet but he is already fired up about having the services of a big 6-foot senior post from Cedar Falls, Iowa. Her name is Hailey Paup, and Sunday afternoon at the Breakdown Fall League she showed some pretty impressive stuff for the Beacons.

Paup has a large frame, with broad shoulders and powerful legs, and she knows how to leverage all that size and strength to great advantage. She is also quick and athletic, has a sweet 15-foot jumper and some pretty nice touch around the basket. This first sample of Ms. Paup's capabilities was impressive, even moreso considering she was up against one of the best power forwards in Minnesota, sophomore

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