Posted On: 01/9/18 12:45 PM

When the season began, we put together the first 2017-18 high school team rankings based on knowledge accumulated by examining roster changes, watching fall league and considering intangibles such as a team's previous success. A team like Minnetonka, for example, gets the benefit of the doubt early on because they are usually quite good and have a ton of quality players. By the first week of January, however, the list is based on recent results, month-long trends and a some harsh reality. Now we have a good idea of where most teams fit. Here is what we know so far in 4A:

  • The four top teams are still the four top teams and nine of the top 10 from the first week of December are still there. Park Center (6-5) has dropped out and a surprising Roseville team has risen into the top 10.
  • Eastview (11-0) is good. Really good. Maybe better than expected. Point guard by committee is apparently working, and veterans like Andrea Abrams and Mariah Alipate have stepped up to the plate and delivered. Freshman Cassidy Carson has proven she belongs.
  • Hopkins (14-1) and Wayzata (14-0) are performing as expected. Hopkins tends to blow its opponents off the

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