Posted On: 08/3/18 3:56 PM

With the AAU season over with, Throughout this month we will take a look at each Central Illinois Conferences and teams, with the results of the 2017-2018 season. We will look at the standings and All-Conference/ Top Performers/ Freshman Sensations for the 2018-2019 season. We will share in-depth analysis and players to keep a watch on throughout the year. The Big 12 conference is loaded with talent and has a lot of next level student-athletes.

The standings for the Big 12 last year were:

  1. Richwoods 10-0

Normal Community 9-1

Normal West 7-3

Peoria 7-3

Bloomington 6-4

Danville 5-4

Manual 3-7

Centennial 3-7

Peoria Notre Dame 2-9

Champaign Central 2-9

Urbana 0-9

Richwoods dominated the conference last year. Richwoods had a great senior class and will have another great senior class this coming year. Normal West and Normal Community are looking to dethrone Richwoods for the conference crown. While the middle pack like Bloomington and Peoria are looking to improve upon their stellar season. While Champaign Central, Urbana and Danville look to take their young core and make a run for the Conference crown as well. The conference is loaded and has a lot of the best basketball players in the state, here is a look at the returning top players.

Teams to watch this coming season the defending 3A Championships Peoria Richwoods, with the talent they are bringing back and Star player Camryn Taylor, they will be hungry to repeat and stay on top of the throne. Normal Community will be looking to take the throne with the offensive explosion they can put out on any given game and returning Guard Maya Wong who is skilled and an incredible talent. Champaign Central will be looking to take a huge leap with last year starters/rotational players returning. They had 3 Freshman that contributed last year and gained experience including Aija Gwin. Central believes they are setting themselves for a 3-year run. Their progress is worth monitoring. 

  • Camryn Taylor Senior Forward (Richwoods)
  • Abby Feit Senior Forward/Center (Normal Community)
  • Chanice Willis Junior Guard( Champaign Central)
  • Maya Wong Junior Guard (Normal Community)
  • Tianna Johnson Wing Senior (Richwoods)
  • Bett O’Neal Guard Senior (Bloomington)
  • Olivia Demosthenes  Wing Junior (Normal West)
  • Erin Houpt Sophmore Guard (Danville)
  • Darria Edwards Junior Guard (Peoria)
  • Jaida McCloud  Junior Wing/Forward (Richwoods)
  • Kylee Schneringer Junior Guard (Normal Community)
  • Chian Scott Junior Guard (Urbana)
  • Aija Gwin Sophmore Guard (Champaign Central)
  • Morgan Browning Sophmore Guard/Wing (Champaign Central)