Posted On: 09/30/18 11:18 AM

Photo courtesy of the Edwardsville Intelligencer


As we approach the season I am continuing to profile some of the top talent in Southern Illinois. One of the most exciting players for me to talk about wasn't on our initials rankings for the class and now sits at #31 going into the season based on her strong Spring/Summer sessions.

Edwardsville guard Jaylen Townsend is 5'8 and very much an all around team player. In fact when asked what her best skill is Jaylen feels it is that versatility that is her strength. Whatever the teams needs she will do was her answer. Jaylen has shown that she is more than the role player that everyone has seen the last two years. She has patiently waited her turn while showing herself as a shut down defender and excellent rebounder while playing behind some stars for the Tigers. At the college level she can be that same player and be that glue player that everyone needs. But, during the AAU season she consistently led Blue Star Silvey in scoring with many games of 15 or more points. Jaylen has shown a good shooting touch from long distance and the mid range. I look for

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