Posted On: 01/2/19 9:14 PM

I took in four games this afternoon at Pendleton Heights which hosted the Madison County semi-finals. I watched Anderson Prep vs. Alexandria, Frankton vs. Elwood, Lapel vs. Liberty Christian, and Pendleton Heights vs. Anderson. Here are my underclassmen evaluations from the four games.


Rylee Pyle – 5’6 SG – 2021 – Alexandria
Pyle came off the bench in this one and scored a team high in points. She was driving the ball very aggressively and getting to the line really well. From the line she was 8-of-9. Would like to see her knock down a few more shots but I liked the aggressive play from the sophomore today. – 16 points, 3 rebounds

Jenna Reece VanBlair – 5’7 W – 2021 – Alexandria
Really enjoyed watching VanBlair play today as she had a pretty solid game. Was able to get out in transition and score the ball solidly. Good looking jumper, it just wasn’t going down today. Loved the motor and the passion that VanBlair played with today. Tough and gritty rebounder whose development over the next two years will be key for her. – 11 points, 9 rebounds, 4 steals

Chloee Thomas – 6’2 PF – 2021 – Frankton
Thomas played a fantastic game today. She was much more mobile than when I saw her last time and she was attacking the basket really well. Her defense was really solid as well getting a few blocks and a couple steals. Showed the ability to score the ball in the post and can take it off the bounce from the mid-post. Solid sophomore whose quickness is going to be key to her ceiling at the next level. – 17 points, 5 rebounds, 3 steals, 2 blocks

Ava Gardner – 5’5 G – 2021 – Frankton
Gardner really impressed me in this one as she came off of the bench to hit a few shots. I really liked her motor and her ability to set up the offense from her spot. Plays really aggressively on defense but is able to not foul. Good handling ability and would love to see her grow just a few inches. – 7 points, 2 steals

Tyra Ford – 5’8 W – 2021 – Anderson
Ford was spectacular in this game on both ends. She hounded the boards and was able to score in transition. Ford has the handling ability to bring the ball up the floor and score all on her own. Her growth is key because if she does grow a few more inches I think she can become a very potent and athletic post player. – 23 points, 12 rebounds

Kylie Davis – 5’7 PG – 2021 – Pendleton Heights
Davis is a player who is a thin lead guard and I think could stay on the ball long term. Struggled shooting the ball in this one but I like the jumper. Good ball instincts and with a little bit more strength, I think that she could really flourish. – 10 points, 4 rebounds


Jada Stansberry – 5’2 PG – 2022 – Alexandria
Stansberry is a small lead guard who I really liked. Brings a bit of aggression when she drives, but she also passes the ball really well. Rebounds tough for her size. Would love to see her knock down a few 3-pointers to keep the defense honest, or at least have that in the bag. I like the vision and a little bit of strength and a few inches will really take her game to the next level. – 5 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists

Lauryn Bates – 5’6 W/F – 2022 – Frankton
Bates was a high motor freshman as soon as she stepped on the floor in this one. Bates grabbed six offensive boards, a few of which she then turned into points. A very physical player you can tell likes the contact of the sport. Very active hands and smarts for the game allowed her to be one of the better players in this one. – 8 points, 9 rebounds, 4 steals

Jaleigh Crawford – 5’11 W – 2022 – Elwood
Crawford was a player in this one who really impressed me with her ability to match up with pretty much anyone on the floor. She’s already a very skilled freshman and runs the point for this team most of the time. She is so long and lengthy that she has the ability to get her hands on almost any pass that comes near her. Easily the best freshman that I saw today. – 10 points, 8 rebounds, 6 steals