League Preview

Posted On: 01/2/19 9:08 PM

I took in four games this afternoon at Pendleton Heights which hosted the Madison County semi-finals. I watched Anderson Prep vs. Alexandria, Frankton vs. Elwood, Lapel vs. Liberty Christian, and Pendleton Heights vs. Anderson. Here are my upperclassmen evaluations from the four games.


Sierra Southard – 5’5 PG – 2019 – Frankton
While Southard doesn’t do a ton for Frankton, I really like how she is in control of the offense. She’s a vocal leader on the floor. She has good handles and is able to run the offense solidly. Will contribute a few baskets and a couple assists each game. I really thought that she played a solid game taking care of the ball. The senior leader on this team. – 2 points, 1 assist

Emily Booker – 5’7 G – 2019 – Elwood
Booker was all over the floor for Elwood in this one. She was able to score at the rim and also step out and knock down a 3-pointer. Really tough rebounder as she grabbed six from her guard spot. Really good instincts which allow her to pick off passes. – 18 points, 6 rebounds, 3 steals

Kennedy Fillmore – 5’5 PG – 2019 – Liberty Christian
Fillmore was getting a ton of her points off of steals and run outs to the rim. She filled the stat sheet today and showed me that she is a competitor. Pretty strong with the ball which allows her to go coast-to-coast pretty quickly. Able to finish at the rim with both hands. – 16 points, 5 rebounds, 7 steals

Staisha Hamilton – 5’6 PG – 2019 – Anderson
Hamilton was so impressive tonight. One of the best performances of the day. She knocked down 3-pointer after 3-pointer and showed the willingness to pass the ball. Had one superb play where she took it the length of the floor and then threw the tightest behind-the-back pass I have ever seen for a score. Really good shooter and transition player. – 27 points, 2 assists

Kailyn Graham – 5’9 F – 2019 – Pendleton Heights
Graham was being face guarded in this one and really struggled to score. In the second half, she started to really get to the rim and score with her left hand. She’s a forward who can step out and shoot the ball too. Graham needs to get a bit better with her right hand because at the next level going left will be taken away. She’s a high-level scorer and I think with a little adjustment that will carry over. Committed to Indiana Tech. – 15 points, 6 rebounds


Savannah Prewett – 5’8 W – 2020 – Anderson Prep
Prewett can score really well inside and showed enough post moves today that I think that it’ll transfer over onto the next level. Still a bit raw, but the frame and skill is workable. Would like to see a better motor on her, but she is going to be near a double-double in each game with her toughness. – 21 points, 12 rebounds

Madison Stamm – 5’8 W – 2020 – Anderson Prep
Stamm was sick in this one but still turned in a pretty impressive performance. She was tough on the boards and shot the ball pretty well. Knocked down quite a few in the mid-range which is a very dangerous weapon to have. Great motor and hustle in this one. Was the silent leader of the team today in a good outing. – 14 points, 10 rebounds

Bailey Tucker – 5’6 G – 2020 – Frankton
Tucker was able to knock down two 3-pointers in this one and was perfect from the free throw line today. She has a really nice looking jumper and can take it off of the bounce a little bit as well. Quick hands on defense allows her to get a few steals a game and likes to push it in transition. – 12 points, 3 rebounds, 3 steals

Addie Gardner – 5’10 W – 2020 – Frankton
To her standards, Gardner did not play a very good game but I still see the intangibles that she brings that I like a lot. She’s smart and has a high basketball IQ. Really good passer who passes her teammates open at times. Even though the shot did not fall today, she was still aggressive at going to the basket and trying to score. – 3 assists

Morgan Knepp – 5’2 G – 2020 – Lapel
Knepp was a high motor guard who really brought the energy for this Lapel team. She didn’t really score a ton of baskets, but was aggressive in trying to get to the basket and converted on all of her free throw attempts. Hustled all game long and looked to make the big plays for her team. – 9 points, 4 rebounds

Makynlee Taylor – 5’11 F – 2020 – Lapel
Taylor didn’t score much in this game but I thought that she was a really high energy player. Grabbed a ton of rebounds and showed the ability to get to the rim at a pretty high level. Has a level of toughness that others didn’t seem to bring. – 4 points, 8 rebounds

Delany Peoples – 5’7 W/F – 2020 – Lapel
Peoples was able to get to the rim and score the ball as the other bigs for Lapel struggled to do so just a little bit. Peoples rebounded the ball really well and passed the ball really well in this one for a forward. Loved the grit that she showed in this one when things were not going her way. – 6 points, 7 rebounds

Megan Mills – 5’10 F – 2020 – Pendleton Heights
Mills is an intriguing forward with the ability to drive to the rim and score. She’s got skill down low and is able to make moves to score the ball inside. Pretty solid shot allows her to pull-up and hit the jumper. If she develops a continuous post game, she can be a really solid threat down low. – 8 points, 2 rebounds