Posted On: 01/28/19 6:37 PM

Something I like to do every year is predict the state tournament. In a postseason like ours, we see a wide range of outcomes from the favorite going all the way and winning to a team who isn’t talked about taking out a top team. It happens every year and no one knows who will get eliminated next. In this article, I will put my personal predictions for each Sectional, Regional, Semi-State, and finally my predicted State Championship team.

This is for me to keep track of who I was right about and wrong about (trust me, I’ll be wrong a lot), but also to create a little discussion. I am open to discussing any opinion about why you agree, or why I am flat out wrong. Without further talk, here are my 1A predictions. You can see all of the brackets here.


Sectional 49 – Marquette Catholic

Sectional 50 – North White

Sectional 51 – Oregon-Davis

Sectional 52 – Fremont

Sectional 53 – Attica

Sectional 54 – Northfield

Sectional 55 – Daleville

Sectional 56 – Blue River

Sectional 57 – Bloomfield

Sectional 58 – University

Sectional 59 – Greenwood Christian

Sectional 60 – Jac-Cen-Del

Sectional 61 – Lanesville

Sectional 62 – Trinity Lutheran

Sectional 63 – Vincennes Rivet

Sectional 64 – Tecumseh


Regional 13 – Marquette Catholic

Regional 14 – Northfield

Regional 15 – University

Regional 16 – Vincennes Rivet


North Semi-State – Marquette Catholic

South Semi-State – Vincennes Rivet

1A State Champion

Marquette Catholic