Posted On: 02/25/19 3:19 PM

Prep Hoops Awards & Ranking Preview:

Its awards season. No, not the Grammy’s or Oscar’s or even the MTV awards. We’re talking about PREP GIRL HOOPS awards. Who are the leading candidates for Team of The Year? Player of The Year? Newcomer, Defensive and Teammate of The Year?

In our first ever Prep Girls Hoops award season, we lay out the red carpet for teams and players that went above and beyond their talent threshold. Our staff has watched tons of basketball over this long season. We have seen some players separate themselves and others who have emerged out of nowhere. We’ve seen some freshmen have breakout seasons and some who remained a steady constant.

Rankings??? We have just about three days left for South Dakota’s SoDak 16s to be final. North Dakota Class A are in their regional playoffs. Their Class B State Tournament is set to go. PGH will have updated player rankings following the State Tournament announcements. These rankings will be a prelude to the upcoming AAU season. With tons of coverage, player movement and players skill set emerging, look out for reshuffling of rankings.

How do we determine rankings? PGH Dakotas are taking a page of out the OG of PGH Grant McGinnis. We used some of the same tactics as the guys up in Minnesota. We watch a lot of basketball all over the two states. Some geographic locations are a little tougher, however we try to communicate with high school coaches, AAU directors, newspaper writers and more from all over. If there is a game, open gym, practice, showcase or tournament, you can find PGH there. We also take major considerations from college coaches and their input on players. For what its worth, they are the ones looking to recruit players. Other factors are AAU participation. If you play during the AAU season, spring and summer, your chances of being evaluated is significantly higher. We do add players throughout the high school season, as they are updated, but AAU participation matters. Skill set and size also contribute to players rankings. If we see a 6’4 freshmen with great size and compare them to a 5’5 senior progression, one could see how the other may be ranked higher. Its about projecting the players ability to play at the next level. We gather information about where players will be showcasing their skill during the off season. Whether its traveling for AAU or team camps with your high school team, PGH will be there to evaluate and take notes on development.

Is it perfect? Nothing really is, well except a 12-piece Chick-Fil-A nugget meal with a small lemonade. We try our best to get the most information out there to help players get exposure. If we miss a player or 2 or 7, just let us know. We’ll jump right on it and check them out!

Look out for all updates within the next week or so…..