Posted On: 03/30/19 12:00 PM

The Lady Gym Rats are the Nike team in Indiana, and they’re one of the bigger Nike programs throughout the country.  They typically field anywhere from three to six teams in each age group, and they have a variety of prospects from high-major Division-I through all of the small college ranks.  In the past they have always had a kid or two from out of state, but recently they’ve really dipped into the Louisville area, so you’ll see several kids here from Kentucky.  I’ll do my best to talk about the ones I have seen and know well-enough.  The Lady Gym Rats have always been under the direction of Mr. James Banks.


Nike Lady Gym Rats Crimson

Coach Derrick Goss

No. Name Ht. Pos. Class High School
1 Mariah Jones 5-9 W 2020 Louisville PRP (KY)
2 Ariyana Rhodes 5-8 W 2020 Mercer County (KY)
3 Alarea “A.J.” Jackson 5-5 G 2020 Urbana (IL)
5 Kierra Thornton 5-7 W 2020 Fairmont (OH)
10 Hannah Grider 5-3 PG 2020 Indian Creek
11 Imani Thomas 5-7 G 2020 Zionsville Community
21 Alexus Mobley 5-7 W 2020 Warren Central
23 Sydni Stephens 6-2 C 2020 Trotwood-Madison (OH)
32 Paige Taylor 6-0 F 2020 Louisville Mercy (KY)
34 Kaiti Huber 5-8 W 2020 Zionsville Community
55 Neasia Lee 5-10 F/C 2020 Beech Grove
Kalyn Ervin 5-5 G 2020 Lawrence North

  The Crimson team is a solid collection of wings and guards, with a couple of “bigs” on the roster as well.  After watching them a couple of weeks ago, I came away somewhat impressed with Paige Taylor.  Her ability to get out on the floor, whether it be defensively or in transition, stood out the most to me.  Kaiti Huber is a strong, tough, and versatile wing who can do everything from run offense to defend the other team’s best player.  Alexus Mobley is a strong athlete who moved into Warren Central this past season from Franklin Central, and she does a nice job of scoring the ball by going to the rim.  Neasia Lee is a strong interior presence with soft hands, and she has very good skill facing the basket.  Imani Thomas is a long, fluid, and athletic wing guard.  She always plays with a motor, and she can do a variety of things on the floor.  And Mariah Jones is a wiry strong, fluid, and athletic wing forward who is good attacking the basket.  This group will likely have a handful of Division-I schools and most Midwestern small colleges following them throughout the Spring & Summer.


Nike Lady Gym Rats Green/Rose-Gold

Coach Darrel McWilliams

No. Name Ht. Pos. Class High School
Lindsey Thomas 5-7 G 2020 Christian Academy (KY)
Kenadie Fernung 5-3 PG 2021 Tri-Central
Kamryn Woods 2020 Warren Central
Baijing Zinnerman 5-8 W 2020 Lawrence Central
Sania Borom 5-7 W 2020 Covenant Christian
India Perry 5-11 F 2020 Lawrence Central
Emily McWilliams 5-7 W 2021 Center Grove
Anna Grace 5-8 W 2021 Louisville Eastern (KY)
Da’Naria Washington 5-9 F 2021 Lawrence Central
Maya Turner 5-3 G 2021 Ben Davis
Sydney Raque G 2021 Christian Academy (KY)
Aniya Williams

  I apologize, but I don’t have much information on this team.  There was a Green team and a Rose-Gold team, but after the first tournament two weeks ago, they were merged together.  I was not able to see either individually at that tournament.  I do know that Kenadie Furnung is a nice, young point guard prospect who takes care of the basketball.  Baijing Zinnerman is a versatile wing who can play some guard but has the strength to play in the mid-post.  She was originally a Warren Central kid.  And Da’Naria Washington is a long and fairly fluid forward who is developing from an interior player to more of a wing.  This will be a nice group for small colleges to follow throughout the grassroots season.


Nike Lady Gym Rats Silver EYBL

Coach Danny Riego

No. Name Ht. Pos. Class High School
1 Destinee Marshall 5-5 PG 2020 Sacred Heart (KY)
10 Hope Sivori 5-6 PG 2020 Louisville Mercy (KY)
13 Ariana Wiggins 5-8 PG 2021 Heritage Christian
14 Jayla Smith 5-10 G 2021 Lawrence North
20 Katie Davidson 5-10 W 2020 Lawrence North
25 Khera Goss 5-10 F 2020 Ben Davis
Shelby Calhoun 5-10 G 2020 Christian Academy (KY)
Sydney Parrish 6-2 W 2020 Hamilton Southeastern
Nakaih Hunter 5-11 F 2021 Indpls. North Central

  The Silver group is always the flagship group that plays in the 17U division on the Nike EYBL circuit.  They only return three players from last year’s roster, but they are still very talented and fairly deep.  Sydney Parrish is a 2020 Miss Basketball candidate, an explosive wing scorer with shooting range well-beyond the 3-point line, and she is now a State Champion.  Shelby Calhoun is also a Top-30 national prospect, according to ESPN’s HoopGurlz rankings.  She is an explosive combo guard who can flat out score the ball at all levels, plus she can play point guard when needed.  Ariana Wiggins is currently our #1 prospect in 2021, and she’s a dynamic scoring point guard who can really pass the ball, but this year she has been much more assertive offensively.  Jayla Smith had a breakout season for Lawrence North, and she’s a very long, fluid, and athletic shooter.  Her backcourt ‘mate at Lawrence North, Katie Davidson, is a really nice, strong wing who can shoot, score, rebound, and defend.  Hope Sivori is an absolute joy to watch.  She is tough-nosed and gritty, she plays with a motor, and she just makes the right play at both ends of the floor.  Nakaih Hunter is a strong, physical, high-motor, highly productive front-liner who doesn’t mind knocking people around on the interior.  Khera Goss is a very long, very athletic and bouncy forward who plays with a good motor and is a nice, gliding slasher type going to the basket.  And Destinee Marshall is an athletic, quick/fast point guard prospect who is very dynamic with the ball.  This group will have several Division-I schools of all levels following them throughout the season.


Nike Lady Gym Rats Tan

Coach Keith Hollins

No. Name Ht. Pos. Class High School
5 Kiarah Carney 5-7 G 2020 Louisville Ballard (KY)
10 Jackie Maulucci 5-8 G 2020 Hamilton Southeastern
11 Kennedy Griffin 5’11 F 2020 Bullitt East (KY)
12 Mia Beam 5-7 G 2020 Christian Academy (KY)
14 Jaqueline Raque 5-9 F 2020 Assumption (KY)
22 Justis Gordon 5-10 W 2020 Cathedral
25 Makira Webster 5-7 G 2020 Fairmont (OH)
32 Ilani Williams-Harris 5-7 G 2020 Covenant Christian
33 Tamia Perryman 5-9 W 2020 Fishers
34 Trinity Thompson 6-0 F 2021 Michigan City

  The Tan group year-in and year-out has always been a team you don’t want to overlook.  They’ve beaten higher profile teams on many occasions, and they usually see a handful of kids really surprise in college.  Justis Gordon is a long, wiry strong, and athletic point forward type who makes everyone around her better.  She can also score it at all levels when needed.  Jackie Maulucci is someone I think a lot of schools should really follow this Spring, because I believe she’s under-recruited and will be a nice asset for someone as a long and fluid combo guard who can knock down shots and understands how to play.  Kiarah Carney made an impression on me two weeks ago, as she is a very long, very athletic combo guard who can run offense or really attack the basket for scorers.  Ilani Williams-Harris is a dynamic scoring point guard who does a lot of different things fairly well.  Tamia Perryman is an explosive wing athlete with wiry strength who I’m not sure many coaches know about.  I’m sure she’ll draw some attention after playing travel ball this season.  Trinity Thompson is a strong and atheltic front-liner who can play facing the basket, plus she runs the floor well in transition and can even handle it some.  And Mia Beam is a player who stood out to me a year ago because of her grit, toughness, motor, and ability to shoot the ball from the perimeter.  She has her share of Division-I interest and offers.  I would like to encourage low to mid-major Division-I schools, plus all small colleges to follow this team closely, because there are some real gems in here.