Posted On: 03/31/19 7:02 PM

One of the top juniors in the state is Angela Dugalić and she just recently cut her list down to her top three schools. The outstanding forward stands at 6’4 and is one of the best face-up forward prospects in the nation. Her versatility is off the charts and she has the ability to play on both the inside and outside. Her game is among the best in the country and her game was on full display this past year at Maine West.

She has a college ready frame with the ability to take the ball off the bounce from the perimeter. She is extremely quick, and has the ability to score at multiple levels. Very good defender and uses her length well. This summer Dugalić is running with Chicago Hoops Express and should have one final very solid season. I spoke with her about her game, recruiting, and her decision.

What do you think your strengths are?
I think my strength is that I can play both inside and out. If someone’s smaller than me, I post. If someone’s bigger, I start out and attack in. My length and size gives me a great advantage both on offense and defense. I also think I can attack pretty well and with my length, it’s harder for girls to guard. Defensively, I’m pretty quick on my feet which most girls don’t exactly expect.

What will you be working on the most over this summer?
I’ll definitely be working on my shot and being more consistent with it. I’ll also be working on my handles so I can attack more than one way. I want to start averaging a double double which means I also have to attack the boards so I can get rebounds.

You recently cut down your list to three schools (Marquette, Oregon, and UCLA), what interests you about those schools?
They’re all very good basketball wise and education isn’t a problem with these schools. I really want that family feel and a good relationship with the coaches. They’ll be my parents for four years so I want to have someone to rely on. I have coaches like that now and I don’t want that to change.

You’ve taken a visit to Marquette, how was that experience?
Marquette has a beautiful campus. I love their coaching staff because they are so thoughtful and treat not only me, but also my parents and brother like family. I watched their practice before and I like how the coaches are really into practice.

You’ll be taking visits to Oregon and UCLA soon, what are you most looking forward to?
I’m excited to meet the teams and the whole coaching staff. When I come on their campus, I want to know right away that they’re a family. My high school and AAU team is always a tight group and I’d like it to be like that at the colleges. I also have never been on the West Coast so I’m very excited to see what they have in store.

How has your college recruitment experience been?
My experience for recruiting has been amazing. JD, my AAU coach, has done almost everything for me. He’s been doing this for 20+ years so I completely trust him. He makes everything 10x easier. All of the coaches that I’ve talked to have always treated me with respect and I love talking to them and getting to know them.

What is the timeline on your decision?
I probably going to commit mid-May or earlier.