Posted On: 04/13/19 1:32 AM

This upcoming weekend I will be in the Twin Cities taking in some hoops. The majority of the teams I’ve never laid eyes on and I am hopeful to see some hidden gems. Each day I will post a notebook (as per usual) of the day’s action with 3-4 quick hitting things that impressed me. First up, is my Friday notebook.

E1T1 Pink 2020 Impressed With Depth in First Two Games
While there wasn’t a ton going on tonight, I was able to see E1T1 Pink 2020 play two games. They routinely sub players in and out in hockey line change formations and each group brings something different. There were a couple players in this group that really stood out. Alani Pettis has the skill of a guard, but really tries to stay down low. She’s got a strong lower body and her skill is what allows her to do damage down low. Pettis loves the contact, too. I was really impressed with the play of Ali Karels. The 5’5 lead guard played a big role off the bench for E1T1. Karels has poise and vocal leadership as well as the motor to be a very solid on ball defender. She’s someone that just goes out and makes plays. Alivia Arnebeck is just so smooth and graceful with the ball. She was commanding on the floor and was setting up teammates really well all game long. I thought that Arnebeck was one of the most composed players that I saw today. These three were the ones that stood out the most, but all of E1T1 played well, and I expect that to continue on Saturday.

Matlyn Jensen and Abby Koboushek Played Well for UVA Coley 2021
On the whole, UVA Coley struggled a bit at times tonight. Even though they got off to a rocky start, they ended the day at 1-1. Jensen and Koboushek had a ton of influence in that as they both played huge roles. Koboushek is a 5’10 wing who loves to drive the ball. She can get into the lane almost any time she wants. She has a high motor and ability to finish at the rim with her strength. Didn’t shoot the ball very well but was still an impact player. Jensen is almost the total opposite. She’s a taller post presence inside and really doesn’t shy away from contact. I loved how her seeked the ball off the rim rather than letting the ball come off to her. These are two solid prospects and colleges are going to want to see them.

ZoeRae Thompson Intrigued From Crossfire Dubois 2023
While I was watching two 2023 teams play I noticed that one player in particular stood out. She is long, pretty fluid, and has a nose for the ball. Thompson already has an advanced feel for the game and just flat out “gets it”. She was running the floor in transition well and finding the open man. Thompson has a workable jumper and while it wasn’t falling tonight I think she just needs to be a little more cognizant of when she shoots it. This is one player that I am going to be sure to get eyes on again this weekend and she how she looks. Thompson is definitely a player within the state that people should keep an eye on.