Posted On: 05/1/19 6:22 PM

South Dakota has a ton of talent in both boy’s and girl’s basketball. One family in particular has a ton of talent and the youngest of the group might be the best when all is said and done. Hannah Ronsiek is just a freshman, but plays like an upperclassman. You might have heard of Emma Ronsiek, the top ranked player in the 2020 class, or Luke Ronsiek, the 14th ranked player in the boys 2019 class. Both of those siblings are heading to play college basketball and I expect Hannah to do the same in three short years. With a family this talented on the hardwood it’s tough to not imagine just how good Hannah could end up.

Hannah is a very skilled player who can take over a game if she wanted to. She’s so fluid with the ball and has a high basketball IQ. Her ability to take the ball up and down the floor as a 5’10 guard cannot be understated. She’s always trying to improve her game and she views her shooting as the best part of her game. Even though she thinks that it is the best part she is continually working on her shot.

Being a guard, her ball-handling is paramount to her overall game. This summer Hannah is working a lot on her ball-handling to become more of a complete guard. With her basketball IQ, floor vision, and speed with the ball, if her already solid ball-handling improves even more she’s going to be really tough to stop. This past year during her freshman campaign she didn’t get a ton of run mainly because O’Gorman is such a talented team. This upcoming year she is looking to play more and even be part of the focal point in the offense. She told me that overall her year went pretty well and that she is really excited for her sophomore year.

Running with SD Attack, Hannah has had a good summer circuit season so far. This past weekend her team won the 15U bracket in the Be The Best event in Ames, Iowa. She performed really well showing poise beyond her years and really showed everyone that she could shoot the ball. She does still have a bit of room to grow as well and I don’t think it would be out of the question for her to reach 6′ tall.

Hannah also participates in track, which really helps her game on the court. It allows her to be sharp with her cuts and keeps her in shape for both the AAU season and her high school season. Multi-sport athletes are coveted at the next level, and Hannah might be the next in that long line of South Dakota basketball standouts to be sought after.