Posted On: 05/15/19 10:46 PM

One of the best pure scorers in Kentucky is Kendall Wingler. The 5’10 guard has put herself at the top of the list when it comes to scorers in the state. She just recently eclipsed 2,000 points and is headed towards 3,000 with a healthy senior season. Wingler has taken a couple visits so far and has many more planned. She is a competitor and plays tough at both ends on the floor. Wingler is such a good decision maker with the ball and she’s one of the best shooters in the state. Her recruiting is getting ready to explode as she’s pretty under the radar.

This past year she faced double and triple teams all the time. Even though she was under constant pressure Wingler showed that she can cope with it. She scored 26.0 points a game all while shooting 44% from the floor. Running with the Kentucky Royals this summer should open a lot of doors for her. Wingler is a player who can create space for herself to get her shot off. She’s a very solid three level scorer which makes her very tough to guard. Wingler is a good rebounder and can also dish off assists with the best of them. Wingler made the Kentucky Junior All-Star team and is hoping for many more accolades over her next few years.

This summer, I expect her recruiting to pick up quickly and add to her collection of offers. Colleges can use her in a variety of different ways as she is a very versatile guard. Her offensive and defensive abilities are going to be coveted by the team that picks her up. I spoke with her about this past season, what she’s working on this summer, and her recruiting.

How’d you think this past HS season went?
This past high school season was a tough one for us as a whole team. It was a very good year for me individually, getting 2,000 points, making the junior all star team and getting state and nation attention. I’m very excited about my senior season of high school basketball. It will definitely be a regrouping year for us but I’m excited to see how we do.

How do you think your AAU season is going this year?
My AAU season has been going great so far. It’s definitely been an eye opener for me with it being my last year with this great group of girls. I’m excited to get into the final stretch of my career for AAU and enjoy every minute I’m out on the court.

What are you working on the most this summer?
This summer I’m working on shooting my change of speed and my jump shots. I definitely work on my ball handling every practice.

What are your goals for the rest of the summer?
My goals for the rest of the summer is to just enjoy it. Enjoy playing with the girls and enjoy being coached by the best coaches out there. I also want to work on just elevating my game for the collegiate level.

How’s the recruiting process going for you?
The recruiting process for me has definitely been an eye opener. It’s been going great for me and it’s already picking up more than it previously has been which is great.