Posted On: 08/28/19 1:12 PM

Rankings for the 2020 class will officially be published tomorrow, so be on the lookout for those. This is one of the last, but not the final rankings update for this class. While it may seem like this group was in the 8th grade just yesterday, this group of accomplished seniors is one step closer to graduation with school so quickly approaching. Speaking of this  2020 group in the 8th grade, they were fun to watch! While players have shifted club teams and high schools in many cases, the dedication this whole class has had is paying off right in front of our eyes.

Flashback Moment:

The top group in the 8th grade was ECBA Swish coached by Keith Wasberg and Cindi Oliver (formerly Burton). The team featured a handful of currently ranked players including Keeli Burton-Oliver, Dalayah Daniels, Jordyn Jenkins, Nakia Boston and more. The 2020 Swish group steam-rolled through competition at their own age level in the state and they matched up with a local Cashmere/Whenatchee area team featuring Hailey Van Lith. Some of the parents and players were already aware of the star 8th grader, but not everyone, until tip off. While it’s easy to coast in middle school when you are so much bigger and/or talented than everyone else, Van Lith brought another type of intensity that everyone is so used to seeing today. Hailey’s Hoop Troop team would lose the game, but parents from ECBA and other programs were turning to me asking “who the heck is that?” She had already garnered offers from top college programs at the time. Now as seniors, almost a half dozen of the players in that game have multiple major Division 1 offers, including Keeli who has committed to Arizona State.

Analysis on 2020 Class:

This class is solid overall and very good at the top. Six players will be playing high major college basketball in the 2020-2021 season, which does not happen too often. Other commitments to Division 1 schools include Colorado State, Eastern Washington, Hawaii, Boise State, Montana and UC San Diego. There will surely be more announcements in the coming months before the early signing period. There are is a solid amount of NAIA, Division 3 and Division 2 prospects as well, adding some depth to the group. While there has been some rumblings of some pretty talented players lacking offers, I do believe that the number of commitments will rise in due time. We currently show 11 total commitments in our database and 9 are at the Division 1 level.  When it’s all said and done, around 20 players in the 2020 class will end up signing to Division 1 schools.


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