Posted On: 08/12/19 7:02 PM

The class of 2022 rankings will be officially released August 13th. This is the first ranking for this group, building off of the initial watchlist that came out months ago now. It is important for everyone to understand exactly how this is compiled and decisions are made. Here are some things to consider when reviewing the rankings:

1) This is the first rankings list

The class of 2022 has obviously been evaluated and scouted less than the upperclassmen of the 2020 and 2021 graduates. These girls have multiple years to continue to improve their stock as a college recruit and this is truly just the start.

2) How were these compiled?

I get in the gym A LOT. NCAA viewing events, high school games, team camps, elite camps and showcases. That is the foundation of everything that’s done. High school coaches, club coaches and college coaches, along with my own evaluations were all used to create this list after that. For example: I called a college coach and asked their honest opinion on two players and who they thought was a better college prospect. I would do the same thing asking high school and club coaches. It is not one person’s opinion, but an entire network of people that play a role, whether is be small or large.

3) Don’t agree with your ranking?

Most people never do! In all of my time doing this, I have only had one high school coach call me and say “You have some of my kids ranked too high, was this a mistake?” On the contrary, I receive countless calls, emails and texts from parents and coaches claiming their kid should be higher. No offense taken, because I regularly connect with college coaches, high school coaches, trainers and club coaches from all over the region and country about players from our state and their observations and knowledge are taken into consideration.

Note: It is in my strongest recommendation for prospects and their supporters to keep it positive online! Literally hundreds of college coaches D1-JUCO follow the PHWashington accounts and they can see people’s comments. Let the hard work show when it’s time to perform. Everything else will take care of itself. I have seen colleges cool off of prospects, because of their actions through social media. Just keep working!

4) What are the rankings based off of?

Rankings are based on their status as a college prospect. A 5’5 guard may average 25 points per game, but most colleges would take the 6’5 center that averages 10 and 10 every day of the week. Performance definitely plays a role, but so does potential. Some players are recruited to D2’s, some are recruited by mid major D1’s and some will go and play in a power conference at the D1 level. There are always different projection levels. Height, body frame, athleticism, skill and different intangibles all make up the level of a prospect.

5) How often are rankings updated? 

2-4 times per calendar year. This allows for rankings to be as accurate as possible, but also plenty of time for further evaluation and updates on players.

6) Keep me updated!

Stats, big games, recruitment updates and other information is always more than welcome! Message me via twitter, IG, FB or email


2022 Initial Thoughts:

This class has a chance to be very good, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. I like the depth of talent, size and versatility. The amount of high major prospects is still up in the air, but this classes’ strength is in its overall depth for sure. I could easily see 20 players or so playing at the mid-major D1 level and a solid amount of D2, D3 and NAIA level players as well. This group has not had a lot of offers thrown out yet and is pretty far behind the 2020 and 2021 classes at the same stage. It is still very early nonetheless.



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