Posted On: 08/6/19 9:17 AM

One of the top players in the state of Illinois, and the nation, is Greta Kampschroeder. The Naperville North guard is a dynamic player on both ends of the floor and has the ability to take over a game at a moments notice. Kampschroeder has the ability to fill it up from the perimeter but she also can get into the lane and finish through contact. She’s a versatile guard who can play multiple spots on the floor and schools all over the country are taking notice of her game. After running this summer with Midwest Elite, Kampschroeder was able to reflect on how this past summer went for her on a new team.

“This team was very new,” Kampschroeder said. “Coach Ralph had to put together a brand new team after graduating all the players last season. At the beginning we were still trying to figure out each others tendencies and work on our overall chemistry. But as the season went along we improved a lot as individual players and also came together as a team more. I enjoyed it a lot just seeing our growth and playing and competing in the EYBL is always fun even if you can’t always pull out a win.”

Despite being one of the top players in the country, Kampschroeder is always looking at ways to improve her game. The best players in the world aren’t ever satisfied with their game and it is evident that Kampschroeder is not. Whether it be NBA players, WNBA players, the top college players, or a player near the top of their recruiting class in high school, they are always working on becoming a better player. There are a few things that she is really working on right now to hone within her game.

“Right now, I would say the two things I’m working on the most are probably defense and shooting,” Kampschroeder said. “I’ve been working with my trainer and becoming more of an ‘elite shooter’ and keeping it consistent. Right now I feel like I can have games where either the basket looks huge or it seems like theres a lid on it. For me, my goal is to have more games where I can knock down most of my shots from inside and outside. Defensively I have been asked by my high school and AAU coaches to guard several positions due to how I move, my height and my strength. Because of that, I want to be a tough defender at all positions from point guard to the forward. For me, it will be a mix of fitness and strategy.”

Kampschroeder prides herself on being someone who can impact the floor on multiple ends. She is a threat at every position on the floor and has the ability to command the ball or post up. She wants to mold herself into a player that can be counted on by her coaches in any type of situation. Her willingness to do anything for her team and play any position makes her a coaches dream. Going into her junior year she is looking forward to passing on her knowledge to younger players as well as hopefully deciding on a school prior to the season starting.

“For my junior year I would say I’m excited about how I can work with some of the younger players,” Kampschroeder said. “Last year we only had one freshman on varsity so I played mostly with girls that were older but we are bringing in some good players this season and I’m excited to see what they bring and how we can be successful together. Recruiting has been very good and I’m very happy with the options I have. I’ve narrowed my list down to about eight schools so now it’s just about which school really feels like home and is going to make me the most successful as a player, student, and person in general. I will be making my final decision probably sometime this fall, hopefully before school season, but I’m not looking to rush this process.”

Wherever she chooses as the destination will be lucky to receive both her work ethic and talent. Kampschroeder is one of the top players in the nation and that extends well beyond the basketball court with her knowledge, personality, and character. While she is still in high school you are going to want to make sure that you see her play as there aren’t many players that come through Illinois like her.