Posted On: 09/12/19 5:19 PM



Holden is a power forward out of Edmond North High School. The senior says she’s expecting to give it her all in her final season.

“Being a senior this year I would like to use my skills and knowledge of the game to help the team. Edmond North lost a big offensive presence when Kamri graduated so the team is going to have to pick up those points, and I would love to get my averages up to cover some of that.” Holden says.

Holden, who’s 6’1” says she hopes her height will help benefit the team going forward.

“Defensively I’m a big presence size wise, but being a post I’m able to see the whole floor, so even though I’m not a guard the goal is to be more vocal than previous seasons and really try to help the team out from my position.” Said Holden.

Holden says she plays in hopes to make everyone around her get better. She says in her AAU team [Swarm], she works on getting points in transition and defending the basket at all costs.

 “I don’t really have a play style, because I kinda adapt to the team surrounding me. In aau I act as more of a power forward and really work facing the basket and get a lot of transition layups and run my defenders, but with school ball it’s more structured and I use the plays more to get open, and play a lot more inside and with my back to the basket.” Holden explains.              

Despite ups and downs, Holden hopes this upcoming season will benefit the entire team and make them strive to be their absolute best.

“This season I’m expecting the best out of myself and my team. I really think we are more athletic than we have ever been, and while State is the obvious goal I truly think we can make something happen at north. We came in unranked last season and quickly moved up the ranks and were top 5 for most of the season and we had beat almost every team that went to state at least once whether in a game or scrimmage. We did not finish how we wanted last year even though we went farther than anyone thought, so the expectations are almost unlimited.” Holden said.          

Holden says it’s bittersweet to be going into her senior year, but she is optimistic of the future ahead.          

“Being a senior I have looked up to many players that have gone through north whether because of their talent or just their heart, and I still look up to Kamri Heath who was one of my best friends and is playing at Air Force right now, but currently it’s not one specific player, but I look up to all the girls playing in college right now because they made me realize I wanted to play after high school and continue my career at UCM.” Holden says.  

Makenna Burch-Jenks

Burch is a powerful guard from Jenks High School. Despite being in the highly competitive 6A conference, Burch displays a tremendous amount of hustle and determination with her 20.1 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 1.2 assists average last season. The 5’6” Senior is always looking to grow in the game and work on her craft. Burch scored over 400 points last season, with over 800 in her high school career. This Senior is an astonishing three point shooter, and shot 34% from beyond the arch this previous season. Burch is an excellent player on offense and is always looking to get her team up on the scoreboard.

Ashanti Day-Moore

Day may only be only 5’5”, but nonetheless makes a tremendous impact on the court. With her powerful pressure on the ball at all times, Day is able to swiftly get steals and take it to the basket within seconds, thus making her one of the most dynamic players on the court. Day’s ball handling is surely one of her most prominent skill assets, along with her strength to shoot from far beyond the arch. Day is only a junior, but plays like a veteran. Day is a tremendous two way player and is not one to overlook this upcoming season.