Posted On: 09/30/19 4:37 PM

When half of your Top 10 players Sarah Andrews, Deja Kelly, Jordyn Merritt, Deyona Gaston and Myra Gordan were called #D1Locks before their first middle school game, some while in elementary school, I knew 2020 would be a monster class and if you know how to use a search bar on my sites or even Google while searching player names associated with my sites, you would see that but this era of 280 characters, many just don’t read anymore. I cover events across the state, I cover players from all parts of the state and chances are if I have a roster, ahead of time, I will do my best to see you and evaluate you

Khadija Derry

I closed out the month outside of San Antonio in the South Texas Classic and that was definitely a blast as I had a chance to see many players I had never seen, I stress over and over that talent is everywhere if you know what you’re looking at. I adjusted many players on the list, there will be even more updates coming after the holiday tournaments but back to the classic. Explosive guards that make things happen are a plus and Khadija Derry (Sam Houston) was definitely impressive enough to be added


Alani Fuker

Players just under “the magic number” of 6’0 that are physical and can score are always high on college coaches lists. Alani Fluker (Brennan) is a very hard worker, she’s physical on both ends of the court finishing strong, after contact, as well as defending hard in the paint. One of the biggest surprises was Zaya Price (Steele) who catapulted on the list. The ironic part about her is that she made the Tip Sheet I put together from Texas Invitational last season so I’m glad I had a chance to see her again because she definitely belongs

Here are the updated 2020 Texas Top 100 plus rankings

Texas 2020 Rankings