Posted On: 10/28/19 7:30 PM

It is our mission at Prep Girls Hoops to provide exposure to as many high school girls basketball players as possible. We are consistently striving to see what we can do to connect more aspiring college basketball prospects with college coaches. Our writers focus on this goal by covering more girls’ basketball players around the country than any other outlet. Despite having the largest staff of high school girls basketball writers and evaluators in the country and producing more than 300 articles a month, we realize there are still players we don’t see enough of, or worse, don’t see at all. To remedy this problem, we are proud to introduce Prep Girls Hoops RecruitMe

RecruitMe helps athletes and families navigate the college search and recruiting process. The digital recruiting platform provides families with advice and peace of mind for one of the biggest decisions they’ll ever make. The Prep Hoops iteration of RecruitMe was unveiled just over one year ago and we are thrilled to now bring this platform to girls’ basketball families.

How does it work?
Prep Girls Hoops RecruitMe Offers 3 separate packages: RecruitMe Starter, RecruitMe Pro, and RecruiMe All-Star

RecruitMe Starter (FREE)
The RecruitMe Starter profile is a good introduction to taking control of the recruiting process. Athletes/parents will start by creating a personalized “recruiting resume” that includes their statistics, measurables, photos, highlights and much more. These profiles enable athletes to share their accomplishments with coaches and schools that they might be interested in attending.


RecruitMe PRO ($)
RecruitMe Pro is a comprehensive platform that educates and enables athletes to maximize their recruitment. Like the RecruitMe Starter profile, Athletes/parents will start by creating a personalized “recruiting resume”.

In addition to this profile, RecruitMe Pro users will be directed through the Prospect Playbook, an interactive guide that covers everything a prospect may encounter during her recruitment.RecruitMe Pro will also give users access to the College Match Tool, a comprehensive database of information about colleges and their girls’ basketball programs. Users will be able to sort schools by dozens of metrics to find the right cultural, academic, and athletic fit. Once users find and save their favorite schools, they will be able to message them directly with RecruitMe messenger.Finally, RecruitMe Pro helps keep prospects on track with the Recruitment Timeline, a comprehensive checklist of tasks and deadlines to keep a player on track, regardless of where she is on her recruiting journey.


RecruitMe All-Star ($$)
RecruitMe All-Star is the most comprehensive recruiting platform for prospects with serious aspirations to play college basketball.
RecruitMe All Star users will gain access to all of the features of RecruitMe Pro, plus two very unique and valuable resources – method test prep, and a personalized highlight video created by our PGH team.
Signing up for Method Test Prep is the first step towards scoring higher on the SAT or ACT. Your account grants you 24/7 access to audio lessons, test-taking tricks, and strategies, hundreds of practice questions with explanations and more.

A highlight video is critical for gaining exposure to college coaches. With RecruitMe All-star our experienced team will create a custom highlight video from your already recorded game film to enhance your RecruitMe profile. When it’s done, you’ll be able to leverage the power of Prep Girls Hoops by having your completed video shared on our RecruitMe twitter account.

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