Posted On: 11/6/19 11:03 AM

“How could you leave out FILL IN THE BLANK?” the message will read. “She had a really good summer.” That’s the sort of e-mail or text or direct message I usually receive at least once or twice in the days after we have published the updated Prep Girls Hoops prospect rankings. Sometimes the missives contain rather colorful adjectives and question our credibility, heritage or manhood. Others have accused us of bias and malice and all manner of misdeeds. But that’s pretty rare now.

The fact is, not everyone who deserves to be ranked makes the list. There’s simply not enough room on the bus for everyone who wants to ride. This time around I thought it might be helpful to tell you which players almost made it in each of the four classes, the handful of athletes who were on the bubble or got bumped at the last minute. Chances are, some of them will make the grade next time around. Before we do that I have to tell you about one significant omission.

Multi-sport athlete Reagan SternquistReaganSternquist6'0" | PFBig Lake | 2020StateMN (left) of Big Lake enters the rankings at #82. (Photo courtesy of StarTribune)

Sorry Reagan SternquistReaganSternquist6'0" | PFBig Lake | 2020StateMN

When we published the 2020 rankings earlier in the week there was one glaring omission: Reagan SternquistReaganSternquist6'0" | PFBig Lake | 2020StateMN of Big Lake. The 6’0 forward had a nice summer with Minnesota Stars Antl.  Reagan is a late bloomer who proved she could play against a higher level of AAU opponents and more than hold her own. As a result of the challenges presented, her level of play rose and she seemed to become more confident. Reagan also looked really good this fall.

We didn’t forget Sternquist. She was the victim of a keyboard calamity. The same thing happened a couple of years ago to 2019 graduate Solape AmusanSolapeAmusan6'0" | C-PFWoodbury | 2019StateMN of Woodbury. It occurs from time to time when we update the rankings. There is an awful lot of cutting and pasting that goes on as we move players around on the spreadsheets. Amid all of the moving up and moving down and deleting lines and adding lines, there are always one or two unintended deletions. Those errors get saved in the next version, of course, and if it happens somewhere in the middle of the list the person’s name can be temporarily forgotten – until the list is published. That’s what happened Tuesday evening when someone was kind enough to point out our error.

So we fixed it. Reagan is now on the list, making the Prep Girls Hoops 2020 prospects rankings at #82. That makes her the second-highest newcomer behind #69 Tess JohnsonTessJohnson5'9" | CGWaconia | 2020StateMN of Waconia, and puts Sternquist in good position to cement a college opportunity in the months ahead. Sorry Reagan. That one’s on me.

Maya Scheitel-Taylor of Worthington (Photo courtesy of the Daily Globe)

Close but no cigar

Back to the near misses. These are some (but not all) of the players who nearly made the cut. A number of them have actually been in the rankings before but were replaced somewhere along the way by players whose games had improved or athletes who had been ‘discovered’ in the time that elapsed between rankings updates. Chances are some of them will return in the future.

We’ve included five players per class except for the 2023s where we have listed 10. We could easily have named 20. Here they are, sorted by class and organized alphabetically by last name.

Class of 2020

  • Ayana Blythe, Moorhead
  • Grace Elander, Holy Family
  • Mia Ganyo, Mountain Iron-Buhl
  • Madison Linbo, Willmar
  • Maya Scheitel-Taylor, Worthington

Class of 2021

Sophomore Kora ForslineKoraForsline5'11" | SFMesabi East | 2022StateMN of Mesabi East (Photo courtesy of Mesabi Daily News)

Class of 2022

Class of 2023

Good luck this winter ladies. We will be watching.