Posted On: 01/30/20 5:00 AM

We’re approximately 2/3 of the way through the basketball season and only about 5 weeks from the crowning of 2020 Kentucky Miss Basketball. Let’s take a look at some of the top contenders at this point in the season:

The Favorite

Maddie Scherr, Ryle – The defending state champs have limped to a 10-9 record and Maddie isn’t setting the world on fire individually. She is, however, a McDonald’s All American and one of the most decorated players in recent Kentucky history. I still think she’s the favorite but maybe not by as big of a gap as there once was.

The Second Favorite:

Shelby Calhoun, CAL – Statistically, Shelby is averaging a double double on the season and has led CAL to a 17-4 start and the “Class 2A State Championship”. She’s signed to a power 5 school (Virginia Tech) and has been consistent all season long while facing double teams all season.She checks a lot of boxes for any voter.

The Third Favorite:

Erin Toller, Sacred Heart – Back from injury, Erin is having a huge season, averaging 17 points and 5 rebounds per game while the Valkyries are off to a 17-1 start and undefeated against in-state competition. Signing with Kentucky isn’t a big of a deal as it is on the guy’s side but being signed to Matthew Mitchell’s program doesn’t hurt her profile as a potential Miss Basketball.

The Vote Splitters:

Taziah Jenks and Hope Sivori, Mercy – Both Jenks and Sivori are worthy of being nominated for the award but it is most realistic that both ladies playing so well is going to cause vote splits among voters.

The Injured Star:

Ally Collett, South Laurel – One of our writers pegged Ally as the preseason favorite for the award but she has missed a large chunk of the season with a PCL injury. She is expected to return by the end of the season but not in time to make a serious run at the award.

The Longshot:

Kendall Wingler, Meade County – Her team isn’t great but Kendall is a walking bucket. Averaging 33 points per game, she is going to have an impressive resume to impress voters with, including over 2000 points. She’s not likely to win, but the EKU signee is impressive on paper.