Posted On: 02/13/20 12:41 PM

The top line in each regional game will be the host site for these matchups. You can find the bracket here: (

Instead of March Madness, let’s call it February Foolishness:

Toughest Path: Holmes County would have to (this excludes any major upsets) get by teams ranked #4 in the regional semis, #3 or #7 in the regional finals, #2 or #5 state semis, and #6 to win the whole thing.

Most Eye-Popping Stat: The top half of the bracket has the top 5 teams in it according to the rankings.

First-Round Upset Alert: Ponce De Leon is on the bottom of their matchup as the away team, but I think they can get it done versus Jay as an “upset”.

Final 4 Picks: Holmes County, Wildwood, Port St. Joe, Trenton

Here is a breakdown of each region’s teams:

Top Half

  • Jay (17-8)
  • Ponce De Leon (20-3)
  • Holmes County (21-4)
  • Paxton (22-3)
  • Hawthorne (25-2)
  • Fort Meade (10-8)
  • Wildwood (24-2)
  • Williston (10-14)

Players to Watch: (Jay) Carsyn Seib, Madison Mathis, Hayden Burkett, (PDL) Cadence Alford, Joelyn Smith, Micelle Neal, Lily Brooks, (HC) Kinzie Nelson, Akiela Farrow, (Paxton) Sadie Varnum, Hailee Bryan, Caylor Dixon, Cassie Varnum, (Hawthorne) Jayla Williams, Antania Mason, Jaz’lyn Jackson, Leiana Buie, Kentavia Hagins, (FM) Jamila Graham, X’zandria Smith, (Wildwood) Kailani Lindsey, Alayna Mauger, Tyquashia Williams, Ja’keriya Thompson, (Williston) Lele Evans, Dnhia Johnson

Bottom Half

  • Chipley (16-11)
  • Blountstown (12-6)
  • Port St. Joe (23-5)
  • Sneads (11-12)
  • Madison County (20-6)
  • Branford (14-10)
  • Trenton (21-5)
  • Lafayette (16-9)

Players to Watch: (Chipley) Kaleyah Watson, Cami Brown, (PSJ) Jae Lenox, Mimi Larry, Amani Jones, India Gant, (Sneads) Kazia Gainer, Arnaijah Baker, (MC) Lasage Ferguson, Dakayla Hopkins, Jamya Plummer, Brittany Hasty, (Branford) Cera McElreath, Kayla Desmartin, Kyla Desmartin, Lachelle Sikes, (Trenton) Janiyah King, Samarie McHenry, Bri Becker, Kinsey Akins, Jordan Douglas, (Lafayette) Renee Clines, Haley Rosenbaum, Brooklyn Fleming