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I’ve spent years giving useful data to parents and players and many have found it helpful and were appreciative however in this social media age filled with things that just aren’t true, some just go unnoticed and that’s all across the country. I mainly cover Texas and the surrounding states yet Peyton Andrews is #7 (PGH Oklahoma) and Gracee Smith is #30 (PGH Missouri) but I saw a ton of talent in both of them way before high school, both have made numerous tip sheets and big things are in store for them. Tianna MathisTiannaMathis5'9" | CGRudder | 2021StateTX (Rudder) made my original Top 100 list, I had on here before her video went viral and was featured on ESPN, you read it right, why, because I’m everywhere looking for that “girl” that can play at the next level and watching Jaycie BriscoJaycieBrisco5'11" | SGSnook | 2021StateTX (Snook) had me “sneak her right into the top 50 but there are an abundance of those who can play at the next level, here’s a rundown

Aiken Semones-5’7 SG (Village School)

Semones was dropping 3’s in the 3rd grade yet through hard work and determination, she expanded her game to be more than just a long ball shooter, she’s one of the best in TX as ballhandling, attacking the basket and defense just shot up and she was an integral part of her school winning TAPPS 6A State Championship

December Stevenson -5’11 SG (Kinkaid)

Stevenson is another player I caught early who was primarily a back to the basket player yet over the years, her ability to put the ball on the floor in the open court and attack from everywhere skyrocketed and that includes her finishing with contact. She rebounds on both ends, defends in the paint and outside and hits the midrange

Valarie Panuco – 5’7 CG (Whitney)

Panuco showed me early something you can’t teach and that’s heart and desire, okay two things but she drops the 2 consistently as she can create off the dribble, also can shoot the long ball but her BB-IQ is second to none, she defends well and plays within herself

Abby Lord-5’9 SF (St Agnes)

Lord is one of those “never takes a play off player” as well as “you won’t outwork me” mentality as she loves to take the charge, dive on the floor or into the stands for loose balls and she does the little things that may not show up in the box score but she rebounds and defends strong and can finish

Amber Williams- 5’8 SG (Cy Springs)

Williams is one of those players I’ve watched drop close to 40 in both HS and CLUB basketball games against solid competition and she is also one of the areas best long ball shooters. When you add, one of the best clutch players in the area as well as a college-ready physique that can finish with ease after contact …..

Taliah Johnson -5’7 PG (Temple)

Johnson had already shown me she could play at the Tyrone Johnson Showcase however watching her with her Temple high school team during the Christmas break got her added to the Top 100. The game starts at the one, she can run a team or take over and score in droves plus her explosiveness is scary

Gabrielle Huetter- 6’1 F (Magnolia)

Huetter can play multiple positions and is very light on her feet. She brings a great post-game but also can drain the three-ball and attack the rim. She has great BB-IQ and also has a 4.21 GPA but after seeing her updated video, I was super impressed at watching her do what she does at her size

Tianna MathisTiannaMathis5'9" | CGRudder | 2021StateTX-5’8 PG (Rudder)

Mathis can play all five positions because of her athleticism, desire, and excellent basketball IQ. She brings a lot to the court from leading in assists, steals, points and she can rebound the ball and one more time, her video went VIRAL yet if you paid attention to me, you would’ve already known 

Jaycie BriscoJaycieBrisco5'11" | SGSnook | 2021StateTX – 5’8 CG (Snook)

Brisco is a dynamic combo guard that can attack the rim with ease, finish with contact but watching her create her shot under pressure is something to see and I’m not just talking the midrange, she can drain the long ball as well. She is number 2 in her class holding a 5.26 GPA

Hattie Novak 5’7 G (Aggieland Homeschool)

Novak has so much talent but the best part she hasn’t reached her full potential yet she made my Tip Sheet from Prime Time Nationals last season. She is that player who will do all the intangibles on the court, she comprehends the game, plays within herself, and is holding a 4.0 GPA.

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