Ashleigh Norris

Posted On: 07/26/20 2:52 PM

The best of the best converged at Insider Exposure’s ATL Summer Slam. Star guards of all levels made a statement on the big stage. Let’s see who shined the brightest.

2021 5-7 PG De’Mauri Flournoy De’Mauri Flournoy 5'7" | PG Carrollton | 2021 State #69 Nation GA – FBC United – Carrollton – Vanderbilt

The pinpoint accuracy of De’Mauri Flournoy De’Mauri Flournoy 5'7" | PG Carrollton | 2021 State #69 Nation GA helped FBC United put away Team B-Wright. Flournoy caught fire from deep, drilling 4 threes en route to 14 points. Flournoy can pepper the defense with her stroke and playing alongside Raven Johnson Raven Johnson 5'10" | PG Westlake | 2021 State #20 Nation GA , finding offense came easy to her. She’s a do-everything guard during the high school season and her value playing on and off the ball helps her positively affect games.

[player_tooltip player_id=2021 5-9 PG Raven Johnson Raven Johnson 5'10" | PG Westlake | 2021 State #20 Nation GA – FBC United – Westlake – South Carolina

The complete package. Raven Johnson Raven Johnson 5'10" | PG Westlake | 2021 State #20 Nation GA once again rose to the occasion. After shaking off a sore groin a few weeks ago, Johnson did what she wanted as FBC United ran away from Team B-Wright. Johnson’s outside shot wasn’t falling early, so she decided to get to the basket where she finished in traffic. What stood out most on Saturday was Johnson’s on-ball defense. She is an elite lockup defender, something you don’t find often anymore when talking about star players. Her wingspan and knowledge of what the offense wants to do helps her beat ball handlers to the spot then knock away steals with her quick hands. Raven finished with 15 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 steals and 1 block in another decisive win.

2022 5-6 PG Evelina Davlakou – FBC Legacy UAA – Victory Christian Center, NC

A moxie filled playmaker, Evelina Davlakou dazzles with her handle, court vision and pace of play. Davlakou is comfortable playing at a college speed and sometimes can play too fast for her teammates when they aren’t expecting her precision passes to be dropping into their bread basket. Davlakou is a vocal leader on the floor and plays with a fire. The Greece native is one of the most exciting point guards you’ll find.

2022 5-6 PG Ashleigh Norris Ashleigh Norris 5'6" | PG Newton | 2022 State GA – FBC Playmakers – Newton

Newton’s finest had good moments at ATL Summer Slam. Norris is a quick guard with a sharp crossover that can help get into the lane where she uses her floater to finish. Norris operated out of ball screens and knocked down threes when left open. She’s got a nice feel for the game and helped get teammates open with her passing.

2021 5-7 SG Olympia Chaney Olympia Chaney 5'7" | SG Forest Park | 2021 State GA – FBC Bouncenation J – Westlake

Big shot O was at it again in Bouncenation’s 42-38 win over EOTO Black. Chaney dialed up timely threes to help put away a persistent opponent. Chaney sank three threes on her way to 14 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist and 3 steals. Chaney has nice range and is near automatic when left open. She’s been stuck behind high profile guards for years at Westlake, but Chaney is an extremely valuable floor spacer. I expect her recruitment to heat back up soon.

2023 5-5 PG Reniya Kelly – FBC United The Family 16U – Hoover, AL

A five-star guard, Kelly is strong and compact. She’s got an elite grasp of what is going on in the game. She balances her scoring with her playmaking and is a pit bull of a competitor. Her size doesn’t stop her from getting to the rim. She can blast teams from beyond the arc when they are afraid to get up on her. Kelly is a hardnosed defender that can dig out steals.

2021 5-6 PG Elliana Schaefer – 1Nation – Margaretta, OH

Schaefer doesn’t have elite size or athleticism, but she is a smart and crafty guard that can pick apart defenses that sleep on her skill. Schaefer is deceptively good at getting into the lane and wreaking havoc. She can score on short stop-and-pops, but most impressive was her last second passing, drawing in the defense before dropping off assists. Schaefer is an accurate three-point shooter as well. She profiles to be a terrific D-II player. Schaefer had a game-high 14 points, 5 rebounds and 1 assist while battling FBC United The Family 16U.

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