Posted On: 07/10/20 10:15 AM

On Wednesday I was at the camp put on by Lyndsey Fennelly and Elite 360. It was a very well run event that brought together kids from a few different states the day before the first day of the Des Moines TOC event. Below you can find evaluations of every player in attendance.

Alysa Grawe – Grawe is a small point guard who shoots the ball exceptionally well. All night long I thought that she communicated well with her teammates and showed a very solid motor. She’s a crafty guard who was able to do a lot of really nice things with the ball in her hands.

Gentry Williams – Williams is a thin player but with a ton of upside. She showcased a high basketball IQ all night long and was able to get her teammates in good spots to score. She played well against the older players in the event and that showed her ability to match up well on defense with speed.

Claire Truesdell – Truesdell showcased her toughness all evening long at the Elite360 Exposure camp. She communicated well with teammates and showed that she was coachable. Skilled player who can shoot the jumper but can also get inside and score the ball.

Sydney Kenkel – Kenkel was a very impressive player from the night session as she got to the rim to score the ball and moved really well without the ball in her hands. Kenkel has the size that college coaches covet at the next level. Finished well with both hands at the rim which is always a tough thing to find.

Darby DoddDarbyDodd5'8" | SGClear Lake | 2021StateIA – Dodd is a knockdown shooter from beyond the arc. She constantly made plays with the ball in her hands and looked to score it at every opportunity. Her shot is effortless as it comes out of her hand. She also handled the ball well and did not seem to get hurried in the face of pressure.

Kristina Ouimette – Ouimette is a long and lengthy guard who can play multiple spots on the floor. She was one of the most impressive players in at the event. She’s a three level scorer who can shoot with range. Just a 2025, Ouimette has a huge ceiling as she continues to develop her game.

Carly CarstensCarlyCarstens5'1" | PGOkoboji | 2023StateIA – Carstens is a small guard who was able to get to the rim really well. She seemed like she never got tired the entire night which is good for a point guard. She has the ability to shoot it from beyond the arc but is a very solid distributor.

Julianna OuimetteJuliannaOuimette5'9" | PGLakeland | 2023StateWI – The first thing that I noticed about Ouimette was her savviness with the ball and her ability to make plays. I really enjoyed watching her on the floor because she has all the intangibles. Not afraid of contact Ouimette was going to the rim tough all day long and finishing.

Reagan Sipla – Sipla is a skilled guard who showed that skill in both the workout portion and in the gameplay portion. Even though she’s a smaller guard she was able to get to the basket and score as well as shoot the ball. She’s gotten a lot better in the last year and will only continue to get better.

Maraya Wiltrout – Wiltrout showed good footwork on the block and was able to score with both hands at the rim. She rebounded the ball well and did not need the ball to fall off to her to get the rebound. Cleared space with her body really well and she showed that she could play out on the perimeter too at times.

Tillie Smith – Smith is a 2025 with a ton of room to grow. She looked fairly skilled with either hand and was comfortable trying to facilitate the ball. She can score it too and her shot looked solid in the skill work portion. She played well in the flow of the games and ran the floor well filling space.

Evelyn Wiltrout – Wiltrout was able to do a lot of very nice things at the event. She got to the rim and shot it well from the mid-range. She was impressive on the defensive end of the floor as she was able to gold down her man on that end of the floor. Impressive player with upside.

Maizie Smith – Smith is a young 2026 who did not look overmatched at the event. She scored the ball well and was able to get things moving on the offensive end of the floor. I liked her IQ at such a young age and as she continues developing could become a very nice player.

Addy Johnson – Johnson is a long and lean wing who has the ability to play both on the wing and in the post if need be. She’s skilled with the ball and should be an impact player this winter. Very good ability to get to the rim as well as step out and shoot the ball. With her height she has a lot of potential as the skill develops.

Alexis DuToit – DuToit is a versatile player who showed some really solid flashes with the ball in her hands. Did not get sped up and played well within herself at the event. She can play all over the floor on both ends and she ra the floor well. She needs to become a little bit more confident but that will come with age.

Jordan Metzler – Metzler caught my attention early as they were going through skill work with how smooth her shot was. She doesn’t have any wasted motion and she can hit it over and. She creates space well for herself to get the shot off and doesn’t need much help to do it.

Jenna Braun – Braun is a solid combo guard who plays both on the ball and off the ball very well. I thought that she was able to run the floor and direct traffic very well with the shorter floor. Good court vision and threw some nice passes that other players would not have seen on the floor.

Skylar Hillman – Hillman is a solid guard who has grown a little over the past year and has become a bit more lengthier. Solid shooter from deep and knows how to command an offense. She played well last summer and I think that she is starting to take that step forward and become a little more consistent.

Ellie Magestro-Kennedy – Magestro-Kennedy was quick getting the rim to score the ball but she was also able to create space for herself to get a shot off. She showed off a very quick and tight step back that she was able to repeat. Highly skilled player who can hurt you in multiple ways.

Avree AntonyAvreeAntony5'9" | PGSun Prarie | 2023StateWI – Antony was able to do a lot with the ball and she showed her extreme confidence with the ball. She shot it well from beyond the arc and she isn’t afraid to pull it on a moments notice. I was very impressed with her play at the event as she made it look simple and easy. 

Aili Tanke – Tanke is a long and fluid wing who can play spots 1-3 without much problem. Very smooth release of the ball and makes plays for both herself and others. She’s already shown herself to be one of the top players in the state very early on in her career. She has an insanely high ceiling.

Molly NoelckMollyNoelck5'9" | PGJohnston | 2023StateIA – Noelck is a very good shooter who handles the ball really well. Very good moving without the ball and has the ability to come off screens and shoot it or attack. Skilled player who will get a lot of playing time this upcoming season at Johnston. One of the top players in the 2023 class.

Emma MinerEmmaMiner5'10" | PFDallas Center-Grimes | 2023StateIA – Miner was one of the most skilled players in the gym as she coasted her way to the rim and was able to score easily. Good shooter with range that you have to respect. She has really improved over the past year and it has shown. She will be a stock riser in our updated rankings.

Taylor Moreau – The thing that stuck out to me early about Moreau was her leadership ability on the floor. When others weren’t talking she stepped up to voice her opinion on the floor. I had not seen Moreau before and she really impressed me with the intangibles that she showed.

Taylor Jacobson – Jacobson was good at getting to the rim and does a very solid job of feeling out her defender and attacking her weak spot. Good basketball IQ allowed her to make some plays that others were not making. Finished well through contact and had a nose for the ball all evening.

Reagan Baldwin – Baldwin was a very intriguing player at the event. As a 2026 among some of the best players in the state she did not look overwhelmed at all. She showed the ability to shoot the ball from deep and she also showed the ability to get into the post. As the youngest player there, she held her own.