Posted On: 09/15/20 8:52 AM

The class of 2021 rankings have officially been updated and are live on the PGH Illinois site. There will be an extensive amount of coverage over the next few days covering multiple players in the class. Before we begin the roll out of rankings coverage, let’s take a look at the 2021 class overall.

This is a talented group that endured a very strange environment for their last AAU season. This has created a recruiting experience that is different than most, but that has not stopped these players from making commitments. There are over 20 players that have already made D1 decisions and another 10 plus that have made D2 commitments,  with more still to come. As seems to be the case in the game today, it is a guard dominated list with over 80 of the 146 players being listed as point guard, shooting guard or combo guard.

The other very unique part of these rankings is the large amount of player additions to this list. Because of the transition in the Scout/ Contributor team in the last two years this class has been a bit under served in the rankings. That has been corrected and the list almost doubled in size from 81 to 146. Adding that many players created a challenge of getting them in a proper order as their recruiting takes shape and the information is shared with us.

Remember a few things about these rankings as you peruse through them. First, these are college prospect rankings, not high school player rankings. We value what the college coaches say via the offers they extend and the feedback we hear. It is not about high school stats as much as it is about their value to a college program. Second, as players move up or down, especially as we add this many players to the list, it isn’t necessarily a negative reflection on the player that moved down but a positive reflection of the player that moved up.

We will do another ranking update during the season which will allow the recruiting to play out even further. In addition we will have that much more of an opportunity to see these players live again. As always we will hope to use that information to fine tune what we have done here and correct any mistakes that may have been made.

If you have any suggestions please reach out to us. When you do, please, always remember that we have no personal stake in rating one player than another, we are doing our best to provide useful content. Last but not least, if you do reach out, as they say, you will attract more flies with honey rather than vinegar. Keep it positive, please.

If you do not currently subscribe please reach out to me on twitter at @don_halling or Jacob Wohlwend at @prehoopsjacob for a discount code to help with the initial cost. I would also like to recognize and thank the new addition to the Illinois team, Brian Carman, for his help in providing coverage for the Central Illinois girls that have been looking for more exposure. Find Brian on twitter at @CoachCarmanNM. Without further delay, here is the link to the new 2021 rankings.

2021 Rankings