Posted On: 10/28/20 9:54 PM

Kyra Griese Kyra Griese 5'4" | SG Aberdeen Central | 2022 State SD — Kyra recently got cleared to compete  after suffering an ACL injury. She didn’t let anything stop her from playing hard and competing to her best ability. She’s a tough competitor that gets her nose in there no matter what.

Taliyah Hayes Taliyah Hayes 5'8" | CG Sioux Falls Roosevelt | 2022 State SD — Taliyah’s strength and toughness really stood out. Her strong build was quite surprising. She was not afraid to get into it with the bigs and compete with them.

Ellie Karolevitz Ellie Karolevitz 5'10" | PG Yankton | 2022 State SD —  Ellie was all over the court and her full-throttle effort helped her make play after play. She was consistently making plays because of her effort with and without the ball.

Kenadi Rising Kenadi Rising 5'10" | SG Rapid City Stevens | 2021 State SD — Kenadi had a similar day as Ellie as her effort stood out. She’s skilled too. She wanted to compete at a high level and it showed. Her demeanor and confidence stood out.

Ella Peterson Ella Peterson 6'1" | C Rapid City Stevens | 2021 State SD — Ella’s most impressive trait was her effort in fighting for rebounds. She showed grit and strength competing for rebounds.

Julia Steiner Julia Steiner 5'6" | SG Fargo North | 2022 State ND — Julia’s love and passion for the game really shows in her effort and concentration. If she makes a mistake she will turn around and sprint the court at full speed. She’s a glue player.

Arden Faulkner Arden Faulkner 5'8" | SG Fargo North | 2023 State ND — Arden has an all-out mentality and will sprint the floor. She will jump on the floor for loose balls without hesitation. She’s a team player and it’s easy to see.

Grace Kaiser Grace Kaiser 5'10" | PF Aberdeen Christian | 2022 State SD — Grace is coming from small school Aberdeen Christian but she didn’t let that hold her back from competing and holding her own, competing for rebounds and trying to make plays inside.

Sharissa Haas Sharissa Haas 5'10" | C Red Cloud | 2021 State SD — Sharissa could have been a top performer and it was because she was relentless and taking it at the defense. She competed for points and rebounds inside.


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