Posted On: 10/7/20 9:33 AM

Young basketball players attend showcase events with the ultimate dream of playing college basketball. Raising their stock as a prospect is a big goal for many of the athletes in attendance. There were many that did just that on Sunday at the Prep Girls Hoops Top 250. Here are some stock risers that I saw at the event:

Kara Bartels Kara Bartels 6'3" | PF Zeeland West | 2023 State MI (2023, 6-3, F, Zeeland West)

She was a force in the paint with next level potential. Her footwork and balance in the post were certainly noticed.

Anaya Billups (2024, 6-0, F, Detroit Edison)

If Billups continues her development as a player at this pace, she’ll have a laundry list of Division 1 offers. Her athleticism, quickness, and overall strength are an elite combo.

Sydney Brown Sydney Brown 5'9" | SG Northville | 2023 State MI (2023, 5-10, G, Northville)

Brown has a very nice upside for coaches at the next level to look at. She’s a natural playmaker and a tough matchup.

Olivia Bussell (2022, 5-6, G, Monroe)

If I was a college coach, I’d really want her on my time. The speed and hustle she plays with is a weapon in itself. She can change games with it.

Taylor Dinda Taylor Dinda 5'6" | PG Lake Orion | 2023 State MI (2023, 5-7 G, Lake Orion)

Dinda was just steady all day long. Showcases are grueling events, and Dinda wasn’t phased by it. Her doing the little things drew the attention of scouts and coaches.

Anna Fernandez Anna Fernandez PG Plymouth Christian | 2022 State MI (2022, 5-6, G, Plymouth Christian)

Not only can she shoot the rock from deep, but the confidence with which she shot it could be felt on the sidelines. College coaches want confidence and they want shooters.

Megan Gross Megan Gross PG Clare | 2023 State MI (2023, 5-1, G, Clare)

Her performance reminded me of an event in Texas a few years ago. A 5-6 young man hit about 8 threes over top of giants in route to a 30+ point game. She put in the work needed off the ball to get open looks, and she delivered when she got them.

Piper Risdon (2024, 5-11, F, Lowell)

I was really impressed watching her play on Sunday. She’s as tough as any incoming freshman can be. Risdon plays way bigger than her height and isn’t afraid of contact.


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