Posted On: 01/20/21 6:12 AM

Prep Girls Hoops Michigan recently released a Watch List for the incoming class of 2024. We will take a look at 5 talented players in the freshman class that are 6’0″ tall or over.

Anaya Billups Anaya Billups 6'0" | PF Detroit Edison | 2024 MI (6’0″, F, Detroit Edison)

Prep Girls Hoops has her listed as a power forward, but in Detroit Edison fashion, she’s way more versatile than that. Billups does a lot of things really well. She can score from multiple spots on the floor and can defend all over the court.

Ally Bisballe Ally Bisballe 6'2" | PF Houghton Lake | 2024 MI (6’2″, PF, Houghton Lake)

Bisballe will be a force to be reckoned with from the first day that she steps on the floor in high school. She sees the floor extremely well for a post player and is a very solid passer. She can kick the ball out to open shooters as well as hit teammates cutting to the basket.

Mallory Bohl Mallory Bohl 6'3" | C Saline | 2024 MI (6’3″, C, Saline)

Bohl will be a must see freshman this season for Saline. She’s a high end talent with a big upside. Bohl is a solid all around athlete with good feet and verticality. She can get off the floor quickly. The development of her game should be fun to watch and draw a lot of interest from college coaches.

Jada Collins Jada Collins 6'1" | SF Kalamazoo Central | 2024 MI (6’1″, SF, Kalamazoo Central)

Collins is a name that coaches, scouts, and fans of the game should get to know. As far as intangibles, her positional height and length is an immediate advantage. Collins is a smooth athlete that has good body control for her age and height. She can handle the ball and run the floor as well.

Mackenzie Swanson Mackenzie Swanson 6'3" | PF Bloomfield Hills Marian | 2024 MI (6’3″, PF, Bloomfield Hills Marian)

Swanson will be a high end post player in the class of 2024. She’s an athletic player in the paint. So much so, that it’s very easy to see that she’s a multi sport star. Swanson plays defense with her feet and walls up nicely in the paint.

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