Zahirah Walton

Posted On: 02/26/21 11:58 AM

The class of 2022 Rankings have been released on the site. These were long overdue and very much needed. As with all rankings, these are imperfect and always debateable! Generally speaking, prospects are grouped by their level of a prospect. Foe example, players 5-20, could potentially be interchanged depending on the situation.

The top three players in the updated ranking are Drea Brumfield Drea Brumfield 6'3" | SF WF West | 2022 State #72 Nation WA of WF West High School, Zahirah Walton Zahirah Walton 5'11" | SG Eastside Catholic | 2022 State WA (feature image) out of Eastside Catholic High School and Jada Wynn Jada Wynn 6'0" | SG King's | 2022 State WA from King’s High School.

Other top players include Jada Walters Jada Walters 5'11" | SF Garfield | 2022 State WA , Veronica Sheffey Veronica Sheffey 5'8" | PG Woodinville | 2022 State WA and Lauren Glazier Lauren Glazier 6'4" | PF Mt. Si | 2022 State WA . Click on the link below to see the entire rankings list.

Class of 2022 Rankings

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