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#16 Allison Undlin Allison Undlin 6'2" | C Mohalll-Lansford Sherwood | 2023 State ND – Mohall-Lansford Sherwood – (6’2/C/2023) – Allison is a great addition to the rankings as she moves well at 6’2 and is a rebounding and shot-blocking stud. Teams have trouble scoring over her and she’s a paint protector. If memory serves correct, she led North Dakota in total blocked shots last season. Not entirely skilled with the ball in her possession, but gets a ton of offensive rebounds for easy near-hoop looks.

#27 Kaitlyn Zook Kaitlyn Zook 5'6" | CG Garrison | 2023 State ND – Garrison – (5’6/SG/2023) – A solid two-guard for Garrison that plays her role well as a three-point threat and superb quickness on the defensive side of the ball. Most of her shots come from three as she does a good job at spacing the floor for Garrison and her teammates. Kaitlyn has a toughness with her on-ball defense as she gives great pressure and doesn’t back-peddle unnecessarily  and holds her ground very well. Garrison has great up-and-coming talent and a bright future with their team.

#28 Adison Sagaser Adison Sagaser 5'8" | SG Bismarck Legacy | 2023 State ND – Bismarck Legacy – (5’8/SG/2023) – Adison is a long 5’8 and is a smooth glider as a runner up and down the court. Good quickness to go with her overall speed. Has a smooth stroke out to three-point land. Great use of arms and in good defensive positioning. Able to play tight man defense. Mainly a JV player on such a deep Legacy roster, Adison has also appeared in 11 varsity games so she has a bright future going forward as a prospect. Her long frame and fluid movement will benefit her greatly in the competitive WDA.

#29 Mia Aberle Mia Aberle 5'7" | CG Surrey | 2023 State ND – Surrey – (5’7/CG/2023) – A talented left-handed guard that has a lethal pump-fake and mid-range game on the offensive end. Matched up with one the most talented scoring guards in the state in Ellie Braaten Ellie Braaten 5'3" | PG Westhope-Newburg | 2023 State ND . She didn’t shut Ellie down by any means but she showed a great ability to stay with such a quick and talented guard. Showed good conditioning and elite first-step quickness on D.

#31 Deanna Heinze Deanna Heinze 5'7" | SG Glenburn | 2023 State ND – Glenburn- (5’7/SG/2023) – Deanna is a guard that finishes inside very well for Glenburn. She moves great off the ball and will crash the boards for easy opportunities. A defender that puts herself in great positioning and is also actively trying to make plays.

#41 Suede Daly Suede Daly 5'7" | SG Ray | 2023 State ND – Ray High School – (5’7/SG/2023) – A guard that plays smart and sound, and can stroke the three with great form. Passes up-court well against the press. Sits in great defensive positioning, knowing ball and man. Suede may be somewhat of an unknown but she should be considered a potential prospect at the next level with her basketball IQ and solid skill-set and three-point ability.

#72 Karli Klein Karli Klein 5'10" | PF Garrison | 2023 State ND – Garrison – (5’10/PF/2023) – Karli battles hard, is highly active, and has endless effort. There’s a lot to like from an activity and effort standpoint from Karli. She also has great athletic ability and movement skills. A highly skilled inside player that finishes well.

#73 Kennedi Wagner Kennedi Wagner 5'7" | PG Richland | 2023 State ND – Richland – (5’7/PG/2023) – Plays the point for Richland when Megan Roob Megan Roob 5'9" | CG Richland | 2022 State ND isn’t handling the ball. A major threat from three with an impressive looking shot that extends fairly deep, with the ability to shoot it off-the-dribble. She’s best at going into her three with some forward movement towards the hoop.

#78 Avery Rath Avery Rath 5'6" | PG Kidder County | 2023 State ND – Kidder County – (5’6/PG/2023) – Avery at #78 could be even higher up the rankings after seeing her ability more recently. Excellent ball-handling ability and court vision and awareness. A swarming defender in the press that has no letup and is full-throttle. A threat on the court, especially from three, where her team will run her off screens to get her clean looks. Avery’s quickness is her greatest asset combined with her total effort and consistent effort. She’s a prospect that can compete at the next level.


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