Posted On: 10/26/21 7:32 PM

America’s largest and most expansive independent grassroots circuit, the Prep Girls Hoops Circuit, is returning in 2022 after a resoundingly successful inaugural 2021 season!

The circuit concept is simple: provide programs an opportunity to compete against the best teams in the country, while receiving unmatched written, social and video coverage.

In 2022, the Prep Girls Hoops Circuit will feature over 31 events throughout the spring and summer. Teams from over 30 states will compete in three or more qualifying events, culminating with four region finals events.

The Prep Girls Hoops Circuit serves to maximize the exposure experience your players and coaches receive while ensuring flexible scheduling, commitment, and travel for club directors so they get the most out of each dollar they spend.

Our events span nationwide, affording unmatched visibility for the players and teams that participate. No matter how you look at it, the Prep Girls Hoops Circuit provides more value than any other girls basketball circuit in America.

In addition to in-event perks, you and your players receive access to exclusive Prep Girls Hoops Circuit merchandise thanks to our friends at Eastbay, discounts to our partner restaurants, and more!

There is not a team more invested in YOU than Prep Girls Hoops! You won’t receive a more comprehensive or player-exposure-focused grassroots experience than what you experience at our circuit events, and we can’t wait to host you next spring and summer on the Prep Girls Hoops Circuit!



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