Michael Wholey

I am excited to assume the role as Senior Scout for Prep Girls Hoops Florida. In my role with Prep Girls Hoops Florida, I will publish monthly articles with the aim and goal of bringing exposure and attention to girls basketball players across the state of Florida in the hopes of helping them continue to play basketball at the collegiate level. In addition to monthly articles, I will also oversee the rankings of the classes of 2021-2024. I will continue to serve as Director of SUTS (Stars Under the Sun) Report SUTSReport, an NCAA compliant recruiting service subscribed to by over 50 D1 colleges. I am excited about this new role of finding additional ways to highlight and bring exposure to girls basketball players all across the state of Florida and the partnership between Prep Girls Hoops Florida @PGHFlorida and SUTS Report @SUTSReport and how we can work together. Prior to residing in Florida, I spent 12 years in NJCAA, NCAA, and WNBA serving in various capacities as Video Coordinator, Assistant Coach, and Recruiting Coordinator at Odessa College, San Antonio Silver Stars (WNBA), American University, University of Memphis, and Georgia Tech.