Keydrick Barlow

Keydrick Barlow joined the PrepGirlsHoops team as the Senior Contributor for Georgia in 2019. Since the first day Keydrick’s commitment to providing exposure for girls basketball has been apparent. A native of Atlanta, GA, Keydrick’s familiarity with coaches and schools will continue to assist him with accessing as many programs and players as possible, with the sole purpose of providing opportunities for girls players of all levels to be highlighted. Keydrick, who’s married with 5 children, has 13 years of coaching and training experience and is currently the Assistant Varsity Coach for Parkview Boys Basketball. He is enthusiastic about the opportunities to network and connect with many new players and coaches through his coverage of girls basketball. Keydrick can be reached on Twitter at @CoachKBarlow and by email at He is also the account manager for @PGH_Georgia the official PrepGirlsHoop Georgia account.

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