Brandon Bradley

In the past 23 years, Brandon has gained a great deal of experience in basketball as both a coach and an evaluator in a variety of capacities with each. As a coach, from the Summer of 1996 through the Summer of 2010, he coached 18 different boys grassroots teams through 15 grassroots seasons, winning three National Championships. During that same timespan, he was a 7th Grade Head Coach for two years, an 8th Grade Head Coach for two years, a Junior Varsity Head Coach for two years, and a Varsity Assistant Coach for a year, also all in boys basketball. During the Summer of 2010, he accepted his first Varsity Head Coaching position in girls basketball, and this year he enters his tenth consecutive year as a girls Varsity Head Coach, having averaged more than 16 wins per season over the last five seasons. He's also an active member in the IBCA and the ICGSA, and he has served on polling committees for each and on the All-State/Junior All-Star Committee for the IBCA. As of August 1st, Brandon started a 3-year term as a District II representative for the IBCA, plus he has taken over the duties of awarding the weekly in-season Subway Player of the Week awards. As an evaluator, Brandon began by helping out the Indiana editor for The Hoop Scoop, a National boys recruiting service, in the late 1990s. After a couple of years, he began publishing his own rankings and articles under the title The Hoosierland Report. This was a boys report as well. In January of 2007, Brandon created Scouting Indiana, and initially it was a public website that included rankings and articles, but in September of 2008 it became strictly a private recruiting service for college coaches. Scouting Indiana was originally a boys recruiting service, but in the Summer of 2012, he added a girls recruiting service as well under the same Scouting Indiana name. He continues to maintain both services, and he works with over 200 college programs in men's and women's recruiting. He has also been a guest speaker at various leagues and camps, and over the years he has operated tournaments, showcase events, and coaching clinics.

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