Scott Hankamp

Scott is a graduate from the School of Kinesiology, with a major in Sport Management and Communications from the University of Michigan. He is a proud father of two sons and one daughter. He enjoys attending their sporting events and spending time them. He is lucky to have a supportive girlfriend Kaylee, who always inspires and motivates him. Scott is a former college athlete, who has experience coaching and teaching in multiple sports. He has a passion for writing about athletes and seeing them successful in all aspects of life.

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Paul Garwood

Paul has played and loved the game of basketball for over 50 years. Being a basketball sportswriter is his passion. It is what he was born to do. Paul has also had his own AAU Basketball club (Team Legacy) and he has coached for the Motor City Mavericks and MWA Elite AAU programs. You can reach Paul on Twitter @GarwoodJrPaul or by email at

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